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Brewing a Sgt. Major I.P.A. clone…

One of my all time favourite beers is Sgt. Major India Pale Ale from Scotch-Irish Brewing Co. It has a golden/copper colour and sits at the lower end of the alcohol spectrum for an IPA at 5.5%. The hops are very dominating and are the focus of the beer. I just love the smell every time I crack the cap open and give it a pour.

Unfortunately, this delicious brew has ceased being made! Scotch-Irish Brewing Co. was bought out by Kichesippi Beer Co. and they have, in turn, stopped brewing it. I’m pissed because it is such a tasty beer. Looks like I’ll just have to figure out how to brew it myself!

I tried to track down some information on what they use to make it, but there isn’t much out there. I did come across one article on “A Good Beer Blog” that quotes the original website as “using a lot of English pale ale malt and crystal malt, with a very small amount of chocolate malt.” The use of “lots of Chinook hops impart a tasty white-grapefruit/spice/resin flavour and aroma”. (See full article here) I love it, let’s get brewing!

After talking with fellow homebrewers on forums like ‘Are you an SOB?‘ and ‘Members of Barleyment‘, I was pointed to a recipe called Sister Star of the Sun. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think someone had said that this was the original recipe for this this beer from the brewer that went on to brewing it at Scotch-Irish Brewing Co. If someone knows the proper story, please enlighten us! Continue reading