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How to make Pickles… that’s right, Pickles.

Yep, you read that correctly….

I’m going to step away from beer for a moment and talk about another one of my favourite fermented products, pickles. Over the last couple of summers I’ve tried to grow various cucumbers and have had no success. My mother and father in law have grown them successfully for years, and I’m quite jealous. Fortunately they know how much I love them, so they always have some to share. My failure may have been due to improper soil composition, soil pH, or perhaps the variety of cucumbers I had planted. In any case, they didn’t grow. This summer I thought I’d try something new and maximize the growing capacity of my backyard even more by building a planter box on the side of my garage. It gets plenty of sun, which cucumbers need and love. They are also ideal candidates for trellising, so I figured it would be the perfect spot.

I chose to try 4 different varieties to see which one(s) grow best.

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