2012 Learn 2 Brew Day hosted by Amsterdam Brewery…

The home brewing community has always been big on encouraging and supporting up and coming brewers. Learn 2 Brew Day is a testament to this spirit. Started in 1999 by the American Homebrew Association, it is an event held around the world to encourage people to come out and learn how to brew their own beer. Seasoned veterans and newbie’s alike, it’s a place to share ideas and to be inspired by new ones. Everybody brews just a little different, so there’s always something to see.

The 2012 Toronto Learn 2 Brew Event was hosted by Amsterdam Brewing at their new brewery location in Leaside. The folks at Amsterdam have always been huge supporters of the local homebrewing scene in Toronto. We sincerely thank them for being so generous with their time and their space. The new brewery looks fantastic and we look forward to many more years of great beer from Amsterdam!

About 10 homebrewers showed up bright and early on saturday morning, cars full of gear and gadgets, with apprentices in tow. Everything from a ‘3 tier gravity system’, to a fully automated ‘R.I.M.S system’, to a ‘brew in a bag system (B.I.A.B)‘ complete with a pully system to haul the spent grain out of the brewpot. There was a porter, an IPA, an ESB, a Hefeweizen and many other styles to watch as they came into being.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming. People can visit and talk with each homebrewer about their process and ideas as the day progresses. Newbie’s are offered a valuable insight into how you can make good, even excellent beer at home. No matter how much you read about it, doing and seeing the process in action is the best way to learn.

CTV news stopped by to film part of the day and aired a segment on the 6:00 news. (Hopefully I’ll have a link for it soon) Metro Morning on CBC Radio talked about the event. Plus a few folks from different magazines and blogs came out to see what all the fun was about.

A new addition to the event were some booths showcasing a couple local homebrewing supply shops for those that were inspired and just had to get started right away.

Zack Weinberg of Toronto Brewing


Spencer McCormack of Brewer’s Pantry and the newly formed 5 Paddles Brewing Comapny.


Learn to Brew Day was yet another fine example of the wonderful people and sense of inclusion that comes naturally in the  home brewing community.

Thanks to everyone who came out and to those that organized the event. It was a fantastic success!

Let’s continue to show our appreciation to the good folks at Amsterdam. When you’re out at the pub or your local LCBO, pick up some of their fine brews!


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