Cutting Faceplate

Cutting Faceplate

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  1. Hello
    My name is Nick and I was reading and looking at you setup for then temp controll box. I was just wondering about the heating hook ups on the diagram. If we want to use a fridge and a heater and make a fermenter box do we have to wire up to the heater side and plug on on the left side of the outlet? Just a little confused if you could help me out that would be great.

    • Hi Nick,
      Although I don’t have mine hooked up, I believe that’s what you’d do. But you have to be sure to break the “jumper” wire that connects the two outlets (on the side, that way you can have them wired separately. Then hook the second on up to the heater line in the temp controller. Clear as mud?

  2. Hey Jeff
    It kinda makes sence but would you be able to make one of the cool diagrams with the both hooked up and e-mail it to me. Should the one sencer be fine for both hot and cold. Also the jumper you talk about is it on the plug or the unit?
    Thanks so much for your help

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