My Bachelor Party Invades the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

As any guy who’s about to go down the aisle with the love of his life should do, my buddies and I put together a bachelor party weekend of good times and good beer. We started the day off with some self-inflicted bruises during a few rounds of paintball in 30 degree weather and full sun. Running around with full length hoodies and pants, it proved to be pretty brutal, but all in all it was a great time and quite a laugh. After surviving multiple attacks, the thing we were most looking forward to was getting our hands on some good beer. Having chosen Barrie to experience all this, there is no better place to find outstanding beer than at The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in downtown Barrie.

I was first turned on to their Hoptical Illusion at the Toronto Festival of Beer last year and fell immediately in love with its extremely smooth hop flavour, something I don’t always find in other beers. I was hooked. Previously, I had been in contact with one of the owners, Andrea Chiodo, wife of brewer Peter, for an unrelated matter. From the start, she was open and friendly and shares an incredible enthusiasm for her brewery and the people who are a part of it. You can see it in her designs and the great packaging that the Flying Monkeys brand is known for. This brewery is just plain fun. So when it came time to think of where to visit for my bachelor party, well, there was only one logical choice.

We arrived at the brewery mid afternoon after our paintball experience and were quickly greeted by two lovely ladies by the name of Kaitlyn and Jen. Always smiling and capable of handling our rowdy bunch, they had a keg of Smashbomb IPA at the ready and kept it coming.

Our tour was to start at 4pm, (they have weekday tours at 2pm, and on the weekend at 1pm and 4pm) and our guide was a wonderful gentleman by the name of Bruce. Bruce knows the history of the brewery and it’s inner workings like the back of his hand and was happy to answer all of our questions. He took us through every single step of the process from start to finish. From the grain mill, to the mash & lauter tuns, to the fermenters, to the bottling line, bottle capper and even the rollers that are used in the gluing machine. It was great to see things on a much larger scale than my basement brewery! We even got to see the famous “hoppapotamus”, which is what gives their beer such a smooth hop flavour. He was a pleasure to listen to and tolerated our unruly bunch. Thanks Bruce!

Here we are inspecting the bright beer tanks…

I want one of these!!! (well, maybe 2… )

Inspecting the bottling line…

That’s a lot of ‘Netherworld‘ goodness in those cases…

and something I was looking very forward to… Smashbomb Atomic IPA!

So if you’re ever in Barrie, or south-central Ontario for that matter, do yourself a favour and drop by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery at 107 Dunlop Street East in Downtown Barrie. (705-721-8989). Say hello to these wonderful people and support an amazing brewery. We wish them continued success!!

Thank you Andrea, Jen, Kaitlyn & Bruce for an amazing visit!!!


2 Responses to My Bachelor Party Invades the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

  1. Sounds great fun! would love to try some of the different beers.

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